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How to Increase Your Website Traffic

So what’s the key to authority traffic?

And how can you take advantage of this to increase website traffic?

To start with…you must diversify traffic sources. How? Don’t worry everything is explained in today’s video, so I’d highly encourage you to check it out.

After you watch the video you’ll understand exactly how to increase your website traffic.

Google Panda 2.0 Coming Summer 2013

Boy oh boy. It looks like BIG things are on tap for the summer of 2013. Especially if SEO is at all important to you or your business.

Here’s why…

This week Google’s Matt Cutts published a new video and in it he described a very big update coming in the next few months. He actually called it Panda 2.0.

It sounds big folks. So I’d take a few minutes and watch it.

Check out more details about Google Panda 2.0 search update here.

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

All the traffic in the world don’t mean a thing…that is unless you can convert that traffic into buying customers.

The best part is that it really doesn’t matter what action you want the visitor to take…opt-in, make a purchase, etc.

However one thing is certain…

It’s in your best interest to leverage proven conversion strategies. So today’s video is about 3 simple ways to increase website conversion rate.

Or let the iConnect Media team optimize your website for conversions