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How to Setup Your Own Blog

So you want to setup a blog, eh?

Fantastic! Don’t worry if this is your first time or you’re “technically” challenged. The steps needed to setup an awesome WordPress blog are super simple.

How about we just show you instead?

Andrew from LeanMeanMarketing made a video that is going to show you exactly what you need to do.

Are you ready to learn how to start your own blog?

Excellent. Watch the video and then visit the link above. It will take you to a post that lists all the resources mentioned.

Best WordPress Theme For Business

WordPress offers countless different themes to choose from. It’s one of the reasons WP is so well liked and used by millions of users.

But with so many options to pick from…which WordPress theme is best your business?

That’s exactly the topic of today’s video.

After you finish watching, you can find more information about best WordPress themes for business here.

Or just let the iConnect Media team customize or create a professional WordPress theme for you.

Choosing the Proper Domain Name for Your Business

A key factor in the success of your website is the domain name you choose. Not only does it help with word of mouth marketing but it can also lead to higher profits if you decide to resell.

That’s exactly the topic of today’s video. Find out more tips about choosing the right domain for your business.

Let iConnect Media help pick a domain then build you a new website!

Fastest Way to Build Your Website

You shouldn’t waste a lot of time or money agonizing over the perfect website.

Realistically it doesn’t need to be expensive either. You can have a “done for you” premium WordPress theme installed and setup for just a few hundred dollars. It’s a great deal for people working with a budget.

Learn more about iConnect Media’s affordable web design packages

Or if you want something a little more customized…

Find out about iConnect Media’s customized WordPress theme package.