The Great Mobile Website Debate


I love my mobile phone as much as the next person. Don’t get me wrong.

But for online business owners, is there any value? Any true return on investment?

It’s something I consider all the time for WebProfitLab so I find a great video about the topic. I suggest you spend some time watching the video above. The make the decision if you need a mobile website.

This video will definitely help you figure out if you need a mobile website.

Thanks again to http://www.LeanMeanMarketing for a wonderful video.

Video Marketing Training for Beginners

The best way to connect with your audience on a deeper level is video. It’s a tool every internet marketer should be equipped with and understand.

Even if all the technical talk scares you it’s still something you need to investigate. Your business can reap huge benefits when video is used correctly.

Let’s get started today, this is a great intro to video marketing training. It’s called Pro Video Blueprint and it covers everything from script writing to video creation. Editing, voice over and all the other things that make video so powerful.

Don’t worry about the learning curve, the course is broken down into nice modules.

Creating Killer Information Products

I’ll admit it — coming up with a new product idea can be painful.

Are there any shortcuts?

Probably not. But I like the idea of greatly improving my chances for success. And that’s exactly what starts happening when you listen to your customers. Don’t be shy, come right out and ask them. You’ll be surprised by:

1) How many people respond to you


2) The rich information you will obtain

Instead of fighting yourself for ideas, just listen to what people are already telling you. It’s the shortest and most effective way to winning information product ideas.

Don’t wait, start this right away. Sign-up to some forums and start noting down possible ideas.

So Many Autoresponders So Little Time

You could literally spend a week or more just reviewing all the possible choices for an autoresponder service.

With so many options how do you pick one?

I like how Andrew breaks it down into 3 main choices. Depending on what stage your business is currently at, you really only have 1 choice. Nice and simple.

You can also check out the full post (and nifty image) about types of autoresponders.

Did Someone Say Free Heat Map?

Heat maps are essential to fully optimize and realize the potential of your website. I thought this was a great video about little known feature of Google Analytics – the free heat map!

This is reason enough to be using this free service. Don’t listen to all those conspiracy theorists; Google has much better things to do with their time then spy on your website.

Thanks to our friends over at LeanMeanMarketing.